My Expertise

I'm passionate about new technologies, but I regularly work with...


I like to make ample use of CSS preprocessors and JavaScript frameworks like Sass and React. They allow me to make dynamic objects and transform a bland interface to an aesthetically pleasing one.


I use Rails APIs for their simplicity and ease of use. If it only needs to store and serve data, a service-oriented architecture is the way to go. When it’s ready I like Heroku and AWS for easy and scalable deployment.


I follow a TDD approach for most projects. Writing tests first ensures outputs are expected and changes don't create more bugs. I use various testing libraries including Jest, RSpec, Capybara, and Selenium.

My Work

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Hexon Creative

  • UX/UI Development

Hexon Creative is a mobile development company working to help designers. They are currently building an awesome sauce app that gives you balanced pallet color from any image you upload.

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  • UX/UI Development

Interactive Labs is a full stack design and development studio. They are a group of designers, engineers, product managers and innovators with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products.

Personal Projects

When I'm not freelancing, I'm working on digital products.

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SocialRails is a social network that I built to learn the rails framework. I will continue to add new features to keep my knowledge up to date.

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YourTake is a movie rating website. It pulls data from a movie database for users to review. It is built with a mix of JS, Ruby on Rails, and SCSS.

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This Sudoku solver can solve standard and diagonal Sudoku puzzles. The repository contains instructions on how to install, use, and view.

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I built a calculator with React to learn how fast and responsive a React frontend can be. The virtual DOM is an impressive feature!

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This page is an implementation of a concept design for National Geographic. I built it to master the Bootstrap framework and grid system.

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MyBooks stores the books I'm reading and the page I'm on. I built it with React/ Redux to learn the library and its uses for state management.

Want to work together?

I'm currently accepting new projects and would love to hear about yours. Please take a few minutes to tell me about it.